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Why my goal is to be a working stay at home mom

In early 2016 I took a pregnancy test and found out that I was going to become a mother. My job and duty as a mother began that very second. Little did I know. 
If I’m being honest, which lets face it I didn’t come here to lie but to give the honest truth about my experience. It wasn’t the perfect time nor the perfect guy. I was laid off twice from what I thought was my dream job at the time from different companies which made me lose sight of my worth temporarily. I had ended a longterm relationship of five years that probably should have never left the “friend zone”. My living arrangements weren’t what I wanted at the time. Let’s be serious. It’s no one’s goal to move back in with their grandparents at the age of 25. On top of being abandoned by the person who was suppose to come along for the ride with this parenting movement I was about to experience. This was my life! Newly pregnant, jobless, unmotivated and, scared. All I knew was that I had an insane calling to be someplace I wasn’t yet.
I started a job at a telecommunications company doing sales to make some decent money for myself and my unborn baby. It was hard at first hiding my pregnancy from my boss and co-workers since I was literally brand new to the company. This didn’t last long at all, as soon as I felt secure in my work environment everyone knew I was a mommy to be.  I worked harder and more diligently because I felt like I had to. I mean I was a new employee about to be a new mom and didn’t want any favors. I wanted to earn my stripes as someone my team could depend on. Pregnant or not!
Fast forward to December 2016 and my little burrito baby had been born just four days before Christmas. I delivered my baby via Cesarean section, that I will discuss in another article soon. What I discovered early on was that I wanted to be with my baby as much as I could. My life shifted and the things that started to be important to me changed. Something else became immediately more important than myself. I found myself wanting to make as many memories as I could with my daughter, spending as much time with her as I could. Teaching her life’s lessons, instilling  love and kindness for others in her heart. Traveling the world and teaching the value of how to get along with diverse kinds of people and, experiencing different opportunities that she wouldn’t necessarily have at home. I found myself looking forward to making dinner, doing household chores and running errands. I found myself at target at least three times a week because that place ALWAYS has something we need. Even if I didn’t think I needed it walking in. Lol.
Fact is I changed when I became a mother and so did a lot of my needs. I wanted more time to do the things that I discussed above instead of working 40+ hours a week doing work that I am not passionate about. I created Moms 4 Real because I am a mom FOR REALLL and am super passionate about being a mother. It is the most important job the thing I strive to become better at daily. It is something that I will never give up on and embrace any and all challenges that come before me. It’s the job that I will forever put the upmost effort into. I wanted a platform to discuss my lifestyle now as a mom and turn it into a business. My goal is to have multiple sources of income so that I can eventually become a stay at home mom and give my daughter everything she deserves and more. 
I read something once that said “a good mom has bad days & great days & normal days & overwhelming days & perfect days & trying days & supermom days & just being a mom days & a whole lot of love & real & crazy motherhood days and this couldn’t be more realer. If this spoke to you in some way you’re a REAL MOM.


I am a real mom to a toddler most times just trying to make it through the day. Let’s be honest moms, most of the times we are just winging it.

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